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Garden construction


We live in a country in which, for at least 7 months a year, we have got the advantage of a direct contact with nature. Therefore, it is almost necessary to lay out our outdoor spaces or simply turn our balconies into ‘green’ spaces.

Landscaping is perhaps the first and most important issue that needs to be examined when one decides to do something about his or her garden. By the term ‘landscaping’ we mean how we can distribute the space available in the best way possible, so that we come up with a uniform and harmonious result and therefore a beautiful and functional garden. The two basic elements that comprise a garden are: the ‘green’ space (i.e. the place where you will plant your plants) and the ‘living room’ space (i.e. the place where you will put your set of furniture).

So, the first move is, depending on the space available, to devote some time to think exactly how you would like your garden, porch or balcony to be, that is, which style you like (minimal, Mediterranean etc.), what kind of plants will be used, whether there will be a special recreation space, such as a big dining table or a hammock, whether there will be a playing area for kids, a barbeque place etc., or maybe, if there is enough space and it is within the budget, a pergola.

There are numerous landscaping options, such as:

  • Paving the garden with flagstones or teak wood in the center ( where a furniture set will be put) and placing flower beds with plants and trees all around
  • Planting lawn in the greatest part of the garden. In this case the lawn is the dominant element and there is the possibility to add other plants in various parts of the garden as well. As far as the furniture is concerned, a wooden deck can be constructed or a part of the garden can be paved with pieces of stone or flagstones, so you can put it there and ensure easier access.

Landscaping always takes place in accordance with the owner’s opinion.